I like repeating patterns. There’s something very satisfying about the challenge of making them. I enjoy the way tiling patterns make me consider the formal qualities of variation, repetition, and rhythm - all at once. This kitten work is comprised of 24 unique kittens. All different, but all pretty similar - They tile nicely because of their similarity, but I think are interesting enough because of their difference. I also like the metaphorical 'infiniteness' of tiled patterns. Each block is a sort of window onto a plane that continues to repeat endlessly in all directions. For me, this infinite plane on paper feels like a thing so basically profound, that it inverts and become banal again and you don’t even think about it - but it’s all there – in it, embedded. That’s nice too. Like patterns are a sort of stealth way to access that kind of wonder.


Hazelhurst Art On Paper 2017.

The Other Art Fair, Sydney 2015.

St James and Museum Stations. Conductors Project 2014

Kitten Screen Prints. 

Card stock: Acid free 210gsm archival.
Paper size: A4 (297 x 210 mm), Image size 260mm X 175mm.

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